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Connect the dots

With SentiGeek, brands can analyse feedback from all touchpoints. What is unique is that a brand sees analytics either individually to exploit the insights including the peculiarities and specificities of each channel and source. Or comprehensively from various touchpoints to have a seamless view of how people behave in different channels, compare, and spot areas for improvement and growth.
Customer Reviews

Analyzing reviews provides a clear picture of how customers feel about the products offered. It is a great opportunity for brands to improve, adjust customer service, increase ranking, foster customer loyalty and reduce churn. Improving stars by 0.1 improves conversion by 25%.

Customer Surveys

Asking customers about their experiences with products offers insights on patterns of attitudes that strategy needs to know, and on the success of changes, e.g. NPS. Acting on the analytics can increase customer loyalty with a great impact on ROI.

Customer Service Data

Customers and prospects have many channels to talk with a brand, e.g. emails, online forms, help desk, bots etc. Bringing all this input together helps identify pain points in the products offered, and manage communication with people and complaints more effectively.

Call Center Data

Call center dialogues when analysed offer insights to improve both products and operations. Improving call center performance means better training and coaching of agents leading to faster resolutions and better experience of customers.

Employee Surveys

Find out how employees feel about the brand they work for, its organization & culture, their role and expectations. Our analytics reveal how to keep employees engaged and happy, and motivate them. Happy and engaged employees make their companies 23% more profitable.

Audience & Fan Data

Community building is important for the success of any brand. Understanding what people say in such communities, what they discuss in forums, wikis etc. is essential for many industries such as media, sports, entertainment and more.