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Our Technology

We have decided to address the challenges of AI to analyse language. Our technology, integrating the wisdom of science, human experience and business brains into AI, offers the appropriate insights for brands to create better experiences for people.

Pioneering AI technology

What is known today in AI in language is either any type of Learning, i.e. machine learning, deep learning reinforcement learning etc., requiring tons of data for training, or lexicon-based linguistic methods. The combination of the two is what is currently known as hybrid AI.

SentiGeek has developed a NEW core linguistic method that overcomes the limitations of current linguistic-based and machine learning/deep learning-based text analytics methods, and is complemented by state-of-the art types of Learning and Lexicon-based methods, generating a NEW hybrid AI.

No training is required for small datasets. No big volumes of data for training is required to analyse large datasets.

This new hybrid AI method also allows the identification and analysis of emotion dispositions.

Emotion disposition analysis

Emotion dispositions are generated by aggregated emotions and show a tendency towards specific types of experiences. They are not confined in five or seven emotions usually offered by emotion analytics or the polarity positive – negative offered by sentiment analysis. They offer granularity that allows the depth needed to understand the emotional state of people and how likely people are to have a particular type of experience.