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Our Technology

Technology, and in particular Artificial Intelligence, has brought unprecedented advancements in our lives. However, integrating the wisdom of science, human experience and business brains into AI is what fosters a leap in the future. SentiGeek’s proprietary hybrid AI technology walks this path.

Business strategy needs answers from data

SentiGeek proprietary hybrid AI technology aims at providing text data-driven answers to business-related questions to inform product team, marketing, customer service and business strategy, among others. Our hybrid AI technology aims at overcoming the limitations of linguistic-based and machine learning/deep learning-based text analytics methods. In this way, SentiGeek technology offers quality insights to act on and create a positive impact on your customers and business.

SentiGeek hybrid AI technology transforms data into trully actionable insights that foster customer empathy. When you act on data-driven insights, you can increase customer engagement and improve customer experience and customer satisfaction. Keeping your customers happy does not only lead to an increase in revenues but also to cut in costs.

Aspects Of Our Technology

When science, technology and inspiration meet, innovation scores high creating a pioneering hybrid AI solution to tackle pressing business challenges.
Natural Language Processing

Semantic technologies

Machine learning / Deep learning

Predictive analytics


Linguistics: Pragmatic, discourse & semantic aspects

Cognitive aspects

Communication aspects

Consumer behavior perspective