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A wealth of review insights

What do your customers experience when they buy your product or service? Which features are more attractive or problematic?
These and many more questions you can answer through customer reviews with SentiGeek's uniquely insightful analytics.
Identify the personas of niche audiences

Deep analysis in reviews reveals different buyers, purchasing mentality, preferences, and 3rd party influences on decision making. Even within the same point of sale, the audience gets further segmented depending on which models or services they buy and why. Insights such as how long customers stay with you, who they see as your competitors, what expectations they have from you can affect your entire strategy.

Identify feature & use preferences and motives

Patterns may emerge concerning features of products or services and their conditions of use. Some products may be recommended or bought again for particular features. Features may explain why a particular TV screen is preferred in a specific type of room, or why a bank’s particular credit card is preferred by a specific persona, or why a brand’s particular model is preferred as a gift.

Identify pain points of your products & services

Features are important to locate and associate with sentiment to identify which features are responsible for your customer satisfaction and to what extent. Returns of products and complaints are associated with specific features. Beyond the product, a problem may lie with packaging, shipping, delivery, or customer service. Also, customers may compare competitive products you should know.

Customers read reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel)


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Consumers will pay more for better customer experience (Oracle)


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Customers 'likely' or 'highly likely' leave a review if an initial negative experience turned into a very positive one (Brightlocal)


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Companies improving customer experience, report an increase in their revenue (Dimension Data)


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Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis

SentiGeek's unique AI technology is based on a sophisticated interdisciplinary hybrid methodology which combines machine learning, semantic technologies, natural language processing, linguistics, consumer behaviour and more. Such approach offers great flexibility and depth in the analysis, translated into truly actionable & meaningful insights adding value to your business and your customers.

Deep linguistic analysis

The system takes into account language nuances, semantic aspects, pragmatic aspects, discourse and levels of context, behavior patterns and communication, among others. It operates equally efficiently in both small and large volumes of data.

Machine learning

Machine learning algorithms are part of the system to boost quality analysis and ensure meaningful results in large volumes of data.

Fine grained sentiment analysis

Based on a detailed scale of sentiment that allows you to identify nuances of feelings and opinions. Intricate and indirect sentiment and opinions are identified.

Domain specific algorithms

Goes deep into a market domain or an industry to identify what is useful in a text for the well-being of your business, what makes sense for your industry, and the business impact revealed.

Aspect based

Sentiment is connected with aspects of products and services, brands and other topics and people of interest to offer a complete picture of who does what with what sentiment and with which opinion.

Topics, Events, Relationships and more

Locates and classifies all the elements which, when connected, make sense both semantically and business-wise in each industry.

Alerts, trends and projections

Issues alerts, shows trends and projections of preferences, sentiment, behavior and other important factors.

Insightful Business Answers To Key Business Questions

Acts proactively and offers results that match business concerns about the types of customers, their motives, their intent and how such results can influence business growth.

Benefits for You

Analysing customer reviews will make a difference in the way you see your customers. This customer-centric approach will affect your entire line of operations in your business and will increase your results.
Upselling & Cross-selling

Understanding the profile of your customers will help you understand how you can offer more value to your customers by providing a higher-end version of your products or services and/or complementary products or services.

Reduced customer churn

Review analytics leads to empathizing with your customers and in effect improving their experience and satisfaction. This will increase the number of customers who will continue to stay with you thus improving your growth numbers.

Increased marketing penetration

Your marketing reach will increase by addressing that part of the audience that is more responsive to your brand's values and principles. Your marketing message will be adjusted to review-driven insights to be more effective and impactful.

Advanced customer experience

Knowing your customers' needs and wants helps you act proactively to offer the best experience your customers get. The customer journey plays a vital role in making a purchase decision and build loyalty.

Improved customer service

Handling complaints efficiently, offering the right information, and acting promptly and resolutely depends on understanding the customer's experience, understanding the current problem and understanding the emotional state of the customer.

Customer-driven product development

Build products and services your customers want and which they respond to their needs. Improve current products and services but also design future ones inspired by the aspects, functions and uses preferred by your customers.

What makes us different

We are a team of passionate researchers using science & technology to develop hybrid Artificial Intelligence technology to solve business problems and enhance customer empathy. In SentiGeek we believe that a truly intelligent AI system is a hybrid system that takes advantage of positive contributions from all areas of knowledge, both tech and non-tech.
SentiGeek AI Technology

Performs equally well in small and big volumes of data. No training is required for small volumes of data.

Deep analytics dive into feedback

Goes beyond words, finds meaning, intricate relations and events, and converts all this into business meaning.

Effortless business decision making

Offers easy-to-understand, actionable insights to tackle problems and decide on best solutions.

Check This!

We are excited to show you what lies beneath your customers’ words! And we want to make it stress-free for you!
Check the following below before moving to How to start section.
New to customer reviews?

No worries! We will guide you how to fully exploit such feedback. We suggest running a pilot first, after having some consultations to better understand your needs. When the pilot is complete, we will discuss the outcome. Talk to us!

Already have an analytics solution?

We will discuss about the data sources you already analyze and the tool you use. Two things will concern us - the type of insights you already get and how review insights could relate, and possible integration issues with the solution you have.

Is there an insights team?

No worries, if there isn't! Our analytics are pretty clear and to the point to both experts and non-experts. That's great, if there is! Our analytics will complement what you already do in the team and/or we can work on a task-based level.

Report or dashboard?

Are you interested in specific metrics to be integrated in larger reports? Do you want to be able to dig into the analysis? Do you have specific roles with different needs in mind? Answers to these questions will help specify what suits you best.

How to Start

We are happy to hear that the features of our solutions
add the value brands need to create a trustful, fruitful, and long-lasting relationship with their customers. To get the most out of customer reviews, consider the following three topics when talking to us.

Think about the sources you want to analyse reviews from. Which are they, how many are they? Think about your own products or services you want to analyse reviews about. Think also about your competition and whether you want to analyse competitive products or services as well.


Do you have the review data? There are ways to upload them depending on certain conditions. Do you want us to crawl the reviews? We can do that for you. Get in touch to discuss the options available.


Have you thought about how often do you want to get review updates? Is it every day, every week, or other? Do you want alerts for specific cases of reviews, such as very negative comments? These are things to discuss when you get in touch with us.