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High value insights from text data

SentiGeek develops hybrid AI technology that transforms text data into truly actionable insights and fosters empathy. Our technology is our competitive advantage that enables a deep analytic dive into data to offer meaningful and detailed multi-level insights and profiling.

Our team has expertise in computational linguistics, semantic technologies, data analytics, cognitive robotics, ML/DL, semiotics, linguistics, translation, education, interactive narrative etc. and a strong research background.

The analysis is implemented in datasets across different domains, such as health, energy, culture, environment, society, digital, food, retail, education, agriculture etc. and from multiple sources, such as interviews, surveys, social platforms, focus groups, transcripts, help lines, reviews etc.

Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding

Data/feedback collection

Data cleaning

Ontology creation

Term extraction

Machine learning/Deep learning

Deep linguistic analysis

Sentiment analysis & opinion mining

Relations extraction

Intention identification

Interactive narrative analysis

Trends & projections

Conversation analysis

Linguistic analysis about engagement, immersion etc.

Topic modelling

Custom auto reply text

Main Characteristics

We are happy to hear that the characteristics of our solutions
add the value and depth needed to create a trustful and empathetic environment to understand people through what they say.
Domain-specific analysis

Our analysis goes deep into a domain or an industry by creating sophisticated ontologies and specialized databases. Policies, brands, products, services, and other relevant themes, topics and features are included.

Fine-grained sentiment

Our analysis is based on a detailed scale of sentiment that allows you to identify nuances of feelings and opinions together with the topics they address. Individual scoring of sentiment ends up in 13 sentiment groups from extremely negative to extremely positive.

Context-driven analysis

Our technology understands the context of the content and processes people’s feedback, comments, and reviews taking into account context particularities. This leads to glocal context-powered insights and profiling.

Opinion holders

Our technology identifies and classifies different people expressing sentiment and opinions in a text or discourse. These people are located even though they do not openly express an opinion or sentiment in the text. They constitute the influencers of your direct audience.


SentiGeek technology follows communication principles in order to successfully understand and analyze not only what people say but also, more importantly, what people mean when they communicate either in writing or through speech.

Deep linguistic analysis

SentiGeek uses dependency relations, proprietary industry-specific tagging, complex grammar & syntactic rules, cognitive/pragmatic/semantic/discourse/context rules, vocabularies, and a number of other resources to enhance understanding & interpretation of meaning.

People Personas

SentiGeek generates domain-specific profiles using comments and other information available, like demographics etc. which eventually lead to domain-specific people personas.

Trends & Projections

Our analysis reveals current trends for policies, brands, products, services, features of products/services. SentiGeek identifies the features that can influence people's behaviour. Projections based on policies, brand, product/service, features, demographics & people persona can be generated.