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Truly know your audience

SentiGeek products are designed based on users’ point of view and the goals they want to achieve. SentiGeek insights offer data-driven answers to business-related questions to inform product team, marketing, customer service & business strategy, among others. Our analytics are offered on the cloud and there is an on premise option too.

Data collection

Do you already collect your data? Perfect! You can connect with our API to send them or send us json, csv, excel format files or other agreed formats.
Don’t collect data already? No worries! We can scrape them for you from diverse sources.
We then organise data in a way that makes sense both semantically and business-wise in each industry.

Exceptional analysis

Our high quality, insightful analysis offers adding-value answers to key business questions to boost your business potential. Two perspectives are offered: start from brands, products or features and move to people, or start from people and move to features, products or brands including a wealth of insights.

Deep Multilevel Language Analysis

Takes into account language nuances, semantic and pragmatic aspects, business-driven information of interest, levels of context, and metadata among others. Topics, concepts, people, relationships, events, cultural aspects and more, are identified and classified.

Emotion Dispositions - beyond sentiment & emotion

Find out what really happens with people, the impact of the experiences you create, how they feel, what they think, what motivates them, what makes them complain, what makes them leave. Emotion dispositions offer granularity that allows the depth needed to understand the emotional state of people and how likely people are to have a particular type of experience.

Domain Specific Perspective

Our analysis goes deep into a market domain or an industry. It spots what is useful in a text for the well-being of your business, what makes sense for your industry, and the business impact expressed through language. Our system identifies brands, products, features and connects them with each other and with people.

People & Personas - beyond behavior

Understand the person who shares their thoughts and emotional state, and those people that influence a person in making a decision to buy or not to buy. Validate your current personas and/or explore emerging ones.

Context-driven Analysis

Our technology understands the global and local context of the content and processes people’s feedback taking into account these particularities.

Trends & Projections

Our analysis reveals trends for brands, products, services, features of products and services, conditions of use, and personas. SentiGeek also identifies the features of a product that can influence consumer behavior.



Analytics results are presented neatly and clearly on SentiGeek’s dashboard, reports, or any other custom client format. They are easy to act on and quickly applicable.