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About SentiGeek

SENTIGEEK is dedicated to help brands develop customer empathy. Through SentiGeek automated hybrid AI-powered analytics platform, brands analyse their customer feedback and get concise and ready-to-use findings and conclusions, as well as value-adding actionable insights regarding customers' wants and needs.

The aim is to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience through improving products and services, to increase customer loyalty, and to accelerate up-selling and cross-selling of product lines and brands.

SentiGeek achieves that by its proprietary hybrid AI system that analyzes customer feedback, customer reviews and any customer comments with innovative, cutting edge algorithms, providing industry-specific results about brands, products, features of products, customer personas etc. Users access the analytics results on SentiGeek’s automated cloud platform.

Although many tools and solutions in the market offer text analytics and sentiment analysis, very often they lack the depth that such analysis requires and the effectiveness of the business insights offered. 

Meet Our Team

The SentiGeek team is a highly specialized team of mainly computational linguists at PhD and MSc levels with both a strong linguistic background and implementation of technology. We have been developing a hybrid AI technology to analyze text, which relies on language and boosts results with ML/DL.

Our Core Values


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We are truthful and honest to our customers and we want to stay this way. If we cannot do something, we will tell you. If we say we will deliver a service, this is guaranteed. We don't want to be seen as another non-personalised technology vendor.


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Each project we commit to, we own it form the start to the end. We stand behind not only our words but also our actions. We promised that we will have full ownership of our relationship and the delivery of the service.


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We are a company that never stops creating. As the market and our industry evolves, we change, we adapt and we create. We crate from new methodologies to new layouts and others, passing the result of it to the end client.


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We want to build our relationships with our clients based on trust. We understand how important our job is and how much it matters to you. We understand you rely on such analysis to improve your business. We would do everything we can so you trust us deliver the best of our service.


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We commit ourselves and our work to deliver an excellent service. We promise we will not compromise our relation just because we want to earn more customers. All resources will be used to commit to what we promised.


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We are passionate about our work, we are passionate about linguistics and technology. We spent years building up knowledge and we love this industry. We believe that sentiment and text analytics can help you improve your brand and we love showing you how.

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Our passion is to provide your business with a real and true value. What we offer is not just another piece of software that will be added to your technology stack. Behind the software there is a deep amalgamation of science and technology interwoven to bring the best results. Our offering is guaranteed by our personalised service.