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Every Word Has Value

We are excited to show you what lies beneath your customers’ words through the analysis of your customer feedback on our automated hybrid AI-powered analytics platform.
Recognise, understand and empathize with your customers’ feelings, thoughts, needs and expectations.
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Gain Loyal Customers

Improve your customers' experience when using your products and services and interacting with your brand. Enhance your customers' engagement with you by rewarding repeated and positive customers and by supporting customers with complaints.

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Empower Your Brand

Develop a trustworthy brand and increase your customers' positive perception of you. Through fine-grained sentiment analysis and deep opinion mining you will understand what makes your brand attractive and relevant to customers. Achieve better competitive positioning.

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Improve Your Product

Create products that are driven from your customers' needs and wants. Find out about the product features that are most appealing to your customers and which ones are considered problematic. Identify the parameters affecting their decision to purchase.

Customers read reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel)


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Consumers will pay more for better customer experience (Oracle)


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Customers change brand for better experience (Clear Strategy)


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Companies improving customer experience, report an increase in their revenue (Dimension Data)


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Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis

Successful text analytics & sentiment analysis consists of the following important aspects to generate truly actionable insights adding value to your business and your customers.

Deep Language Analysis

Take into account language nuances, semantic aspects, pragmatic aspects, and levels of context, among others.

Meaningful Classification Of Information

Organise data in a way that makes sense both semantically and business-wise in each industry.

Fine Grained & Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis

Not all sentiment expressed has the same strength or targets an entire product/service or comes from the same person. Find out what really happens.

Domain Specific Algorithms

Identify what is useful in a text for the well-being of your business, what makes sense for your industry and the business impact expressed through language.

Customer Personas & Behaviour

Text is not about words. It is about people. Understand your customers' preferences, validate your current customer personas and/or explore emerging ones.

Hybrid AI Technology

AI Hybridity = Science + Technology; critical in order to capture vital, actionable insights and meaningful relations business-wise.

Insightful Business Answers To Key Business Questions

For a successful program and usage of any analysis it is important to evaluate the results in the right way boosting your business potential.

What Makes Us Different

We are a team of passionate researchers using science & technology to develop hybrid Artificial Intelligence technology to solve business problems and enhance customer empathy. In SentiGeek we believe that a truly intelligent AI system is a hybrid system that takes advantage of positive contributions from all areas of knowledge, both tech and non-tech.
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Deep Multilevel Analysis

Linguistic, semantic, pragmatic, business-driven information of interest in a text can be identified. Textual and extra-textual information, glocal context and metadata are taken into account.

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Opinion Holders

The system identifies not only how an author feels and thinks. It also identifies third party opinions. Such opinions can be important as they may influence the reviewer’s purchasing decision making.

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Hybrid AI Technology

Our unique methodology is based on a proprietary and sophisticated interdisciplinary approach. Such approach offers great flexibility and depth in the analysis, translated into truly actionable & meaningful insights.

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Customer Personas

Our system generates by default customer personas based on the analysis of customer feedback. It also allows the creation of custom personas by the user offering multiple perspectives of analytics results.