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No Experience Lost

Brands create experiences for people but do they really know how people feel and think? People share their experiences but these are often ignored by current analytics.
We inspire brands to create better experiences, drive long term value, and generate positive impact on ROI by analyzing customer feedback with the power of emotion dispositions.
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Uncover People’s Feedback

We create the most representative & rich pool of true feedback data from all communications with customers and among the audience.

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Bring Experiences to Light

Building on the value of the science of language and AI, we take a deep dive into feedback to find true emotional, product, service, and brand experiences to analyse.

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Make Effective Decisions

We offer brands essential business insights based on people’s behavioural and emotional components of experiences. Brands develop high empathy and make fast and impactful decisions to create better experiences.

Customers read reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel)


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Consumers will pay more for better customer experience (Oracle)


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Customers change brand for better experience (Clear Strategy)


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Companies improving customer experience, report an increase in their revenue (Dimension Data)


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Untap the value of emotion dispositions

Emotion dispositions recognition in people's feedback from all communication data is the next frontier of what brands need to know to make bold and effortless decisions to drive people to act.

Your current analysis is not enough

Knowing simply positive-negative-neutral does not reflect how much emotionally attached people are to your brand. Also, knowing the basic emotions is not enough to understand what is really going on with people. Just consider, is “hope”, a theoretically positive emotion, a positive or negative emotion towards your brand in “I hope I don’t have to stay here again”?

This is what you need

You need analytics that will show you the impact of the experiences you create and people's motive to react to these experiences the way they do. This is the way to improve. SentiGeek analytics based on its deep language analysis that uncovers thoughts, motives, emotion dispositions and much more is the support you need to reach your goals and be the right people's brand.

What Makes Us Different

At SentiGeek we believe in the science of language combined with machine learning to create truly intelligent AI systems. Our hybrid AI language models offer a deep understanding of people’s feelings and behaviour. SentiGeek insights show brands how to reach people fast and scale easily.
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Emotion disposition analysis

Deep analysis of a wealth of people’s emotion states and behavioral components to find out what you really need to know about people.

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Simplicity & Adjustability

Seamless analytics, simple to use. Powerful insights easy to apply for effortless decision making. Equally good performance for small and big datasets.

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Pioneering AI technology

The new multidisciplinary perspective on analysing feedback relies on proprietary hybrid AI models that go beyond what you know about AI and its limitations on analysing language.

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Impact & Speed

Better and faster decisions for strategy to create stronger impact on people and spur growth based on our to-the-point analytics.

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Highly efficient and coherent way to manage your data to uncover rich experiences usually ignored.

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Unique analysis

A unique collage of experiences analysed, revealing people's heart and mind in a deep and multifaceted way, and insightfully reflecting interaction with products, services and brands.

Your key to success

Find who, what and why really matters to boost growth and elevate people’s experiences

Make faster & better decisions

Make fast and reliable decisions. Don't waste any more time on trying to understand what happens with the poeple interacting with your brand. Don't make any more bad decisions because you get unreliable insights that need more work by your teams to become "something" that makes sense to you and then more work to understand the actions you can connect them to.

Increase market share & profitability

Through emotion disposition analysis and deep opinion mining you will understand what makes your brand attractive and relevant to people. You will also identify upselling and cross selling opportunities and overall achieve better competitive positioning.

Improve products & services

Create products that are driven from your peoples' needs and wants. Find out about the product and service features that are most appealing to people and which ones are considered problematic. Identify the parameters affecting their decision to purchase.

Empower the brand and gain loyalty

Develop a trustworthy brand and increase peoples' positive perception of you. Improve peoples' experience when using your products and services and interacting with your brand. Enhance peoples' engagement with you by rewarding repeated and positive customers and by supporting customers with complaints.