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We provide a variety of services to cover your most demanding requirements


Your customers share their experience from your products and services, writing reviews and comments about them and their features on your platform or other platforms. With SentiReviews you can analyze them and get meaningful and actionable insights.

You can monitor public opinion and listen to what people say for brand management, impact of particular products and services, exploring competition, implementation of policies etc.

You can run campaigns, product launches etc. and see how the audience you are addressing responds during and/or after your initiative.

You can process feedback and complaints from your customers, coming from multiple sources and channels e.g. call centers, emails, forums etc. to better understand your customer’s experience, how they respond to your suggestions, and to improve your products and services.

The participants of your focus group may use free text in their answers when completing questionnaires or express their opinions about topics of interest in group discussions which are recorded, or interviews, or other methods. You can analyze their responses and create participants’ profiles with all the other information available about them.