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Our Technology - Proprietary sophisticated algorithms

AI Technologies

We incorporate semantic technologies that offer a wide range of meaning-centered tools and processes and allow industry specialization. More AI technologies are being developed by our R&D, to be deployed in our platform.

Language Technologies

We use state-of-the art NLP tools and proprietary tools to analyze language and perform a wide range of complex grammar and syntactic tasks, implicit inferencing, referencing, entity recognition and extraction, fine-grained sentiment analysis etc.

Cognitive & Pragmatic Theory

We believe that simulating the workings of the human mind is the key to build human-like intelligent machines that can interpret emotions, text and speech. The context of content and communication is critical.


We believe that your first priority is to know your customer. We can help you accomplish it!

Dr. Mara Tsoumari

CEO & Co-founder

Product Development. PhD Pragmatics/Semantics, Natural Language Processing, Corpus Linguistics, Translation. Research Fellow, Cyprus University of Technology. Experience in marketing.

Panagiotis Dimitrakis


Language technologies expert focused on semantic processing. Software developer without limits.

Seth Grimes

Advisor (USA)

Leading industry analyst NLP, text analytics & sentiment analysis technologies & their business applications.